Residential projects:

  • Several lowrise rowhouse/townhomes/apartment projects (LR2 and LR3 zoning) in Seattle with Hybrid Architecture
  • Several custom homes in Sammamish, Kirkland and Bellevue with Macpherson Design and Medici Architects
  • Several energy efficient home using Faswall products in Portland and Port Townsend, WA
  • Various house remodel in collaborations with homeowners, architects and contractors

Commercial projects:

  • Waste Management-Sun Valley (California) in collaborations with EVR-Engineering, KPG and ET Environmental
  • Maple Grove Recreational Vehicle Showroom and Maintenance Bay in Everett with A.D. Shapiro Architects

Telecommunication projects:

  • Various tower analysis and reinforcing design for T-Mobile sites in collaborations with New Wave Architecture: OLY-Martin Way, SP01286A-Dayton and SP01280A-Dixie

Precast projects:

  • Various precast cladding projects in Seattle are with Olympian Precast: Tower 12 building, 11th & Hoyt, 9th and Lenora, and Sound Transit Commuter Rail